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"Her Rising Sun"


"Her Rising Sun" 

19" x 19"

Limited Edition Piece of 10

2 available



This piece is based on a quilt from the Civil War Era by Patsy Means McGuinness Reed in Oklahoma.  9 patch triple sashing with shell quilting 5/6 stitches per inch. Homemade vegetable dye, indigo and black walnut hull was used for dyeing.  

Originally I read that this piece was called the Rising Sun pattern - but after researching deeper I feel that it is the NY Beauty design.  

I found this article interesting for it's seldom we can glimpse into someone's life in the past.

   Patsy and her mom made quilts on their homesteaded centennial farm in Hugo, OK, after originally living on a Land Run homesteaded farm southwest of Hugo near the Goodland Indian Orphanage.  Patsy's mom was from Memphis and at 17 she married James, age 22 in 1905.  

   Found among her mothers belongings was the beautiful picture of a Victorian lady cut from a shoe box with writing on the back - "First pair of shoes he bought me after we married", and was signed Nittie.  She had 7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls.

    The Hugo farm house was built in 1901 and had the wonderful front porch with swing where it is said that the whole extended family congreagated each evening to share memories of happenings.




I decided to keep the name 'Rising Sun' as a reminder from the past generations that even during a time of strife there is still beauty to be found and to look towards the sun for hope - i then addded "Her" to the name to honor Patsy and her family.


Colors of Off White, Navy, Gold and hand mixed Brown


("Her Rising Sun" Parcheesi is shown with the "Pieces of Me" Checker Board)


 "Her Rising Sun" Parcheesi


"Pieces of Me" Checker Board



 shown with oversized white backgammon 

19" x 28" - $245.00